Ski Trails

Crossroads at Big Creek Trail Map

5 miles of trails are maintained for Nordic skiing with both classic and skate lanes. Yellowstone grooming equipment is employed by a dedicated volunteer staff to insure that the trail conditions at the Crossroads are generally superior, even at times when snow conditions elsewhere are marginal or icy. Trails are free, but donations are cheerfully accepted in the contributions box at the trailhead. Two miles of separate hiking trails are also available for snowshoers. Call 920.746.5895 for further info.

Peninsula State Park Trail Map

Classic cross-country Skiing: Peninsula has 16 miles of groomed, mostly double tracked ski trails. Designed to run one way, these trails are color-coded and vary from easy to difficult. Pets, hiking and snowshoeing are not allowed on ski trails. A warming house near Lot 5 on Highland Road is open in winter. Ski trails are groomed and tracked as conditions permit.

Skate skiing: Skaters have access to 6 miles of trails groomed for both classical and skate skiing. Hilly topography makes the skate trails more difficult.

Ski Trail Descriptions

(Mileage from parking lots)

Parking Lot 1

White Loop (1.5 miles, easy). A bit more difficult than the yellow loop, but still geared for beginners, this trail has several gentle hills. Skiers tour through stands of cedar and spruce and along marshes adjacent to Green Bay.

Black Loop (3 miles, moderate). Skiers of intermediate skill levels will enjoy the varied scenery and topography. There is one very steep uphill climb where the trail separates from the white loop. Skiers should remove their skis for this one. The black loop takes skiers through relatively remote pine forest over gently rolling terrain. Watch out for the steep curving hill on the last half-mile section.

Brown Loop (3.5 miles, moderate). Skiers of intermediate skill level will enjoy this loop. This trail continues with the black loop up the very steep uphill climb where skiers should remove their skis. The brown loop has one challenging downhill stretch where the trail merges with the purple loop.

Purple Loop (5.7 miles, difficult). This is Peninsula’s most challenging ski trail. Hills are abundant throughout the northern section of the loop. Access to views of Green Bay from high atop Sven’s Bluff may be obtained by those ready to take on the challenge.

Parking Lot 3

Skate Skiing (6.5 miles, difficult). Combined sections of the purple, blue, and green loops are groomed for skating and striding.

Parking Lot 5

Yellow Loop (1 mile, easy). This is the easiest loop, geared for the novice skier. Skiers traverse very gentle terrain through hardwood forests and old fields.

Orange Loop (3 miles, moderate). This is Peninsula’s most popular loop. Skiers with some experience will enjoy gliding down several hills.

Red Loop (3.5 miles, difficult). The red loop is for more experienced skiers who like the challenge of hills. Skiing this is basically the entire orange loop plus an additional section that has a steep downhill.

Green Loop (5.6 miles, difficult). This loop is ideal for intermediate level skiers who are looking for a longer tour. Skiers travel through remote areas of the park with a variety of forest types, and across one large field just north of Middle Road. Watch out for some short hills between Highland and Middle Roads.

Blue Loop ( 7 miles, difficult). This trail encompasses all the hills encountered on the red and green loops plus takes skiers through a long section of lesser used trail. Easy access may be made with the purple loop for longer tours.

Snowshoeing and Hiking

Peninsula offers 6 miles of designated snowshoe and hiking trails in the winter.

  • These trails traverse some of the most peaceful and remote regions of the park.
  • Snowshoe trails are not groomed.
  • Snowshoeing and hiking are not allowed on any of the ski or snowmobile trails.
  • All snowshoe trails are marked with a green sign with a pink reflective dot.

Snowshoe Trail Descriptions (mileage from trailhead parking lots):

Nature Center: (1.4 mile loop). Difficult. Traverse a 5,000-year-old shoreline, now forested with ironwood, pine and maple. Watch for snowshoe signs and flagging halfway along this trail as you climb a steep section. A tough climb, but very rewarding.

Nicolet Bay: (1 mile each way). Moderate. Park at the Nicolet Bay angler parking lot by following directional signs. This trail winds through a closed campground along Green Bay and then through the woods. Watch for pileated woodpeckers, migrating waterfowl (during ice-out), and stately hemlock trees.

Eagle Tower: (2.8 mile loop). Moderate. Follow the beginning of Sentinel Trail, then circle back via a rolling trail through beech-maple woods. Remember to please stay off of the ski trails.

Potawatomi State Park Trail Map

Cross-Country Skiing: There are four different loops in the park for cross-country skiers totaling about 8.5 miles. All the trails begin near the picnic area shelter. Drinking water and toilets are available near the start of the trails and in the campground. Pets are not allowed on the ski trails.

Snowshoeing and Hiking: You are welcome to hike or snowshoe throughout most of the park, as long as you stay off groomed winter ski trails. If you prefer to follow a trail, try the Nature Trail (0.5 mi) or Ice Age Trail (1.0 mi) along the shoreline.

Newport State Park Trail Map

In the winter, 26.3 miles of trails are available for cross-country skiing, including, 12.5 miles groomed and tracked for classical skiing and 2 miles groomed for skate skiing, and 4.5 miles are open for snowshoeing.

Snowkraft Nordic Map

Snowkraft is a private ski area. This means that ONLY friends and family can ski there. The NE Wisconsin ski and bike community is close-knit: we all likely have met at one time or another. If, however, you do not know Tom Parsons, friend him on Facebook and introduce yourself: OR send an e-mail to him at OR come ski or bike first with someone known. DO NOT visit Snowkraft if you do not know him. Introduce yourself first.

Whitefish Dunes State Park Trail Map

Whitefish Dunes State Park has 14.5 miles of hiking trails. When there’s snow, the Red, Green and Yellow trails are groomed and can be used for diagonal skiing.