Starting at the Beginning of the Trail

It’s early November in Door County and it hasn’t yet gotten cold enough to freeze the ground.

Gun deer hunting season is still almost two weeks away. Sometimes, we’ll have a layer of tracking snow by the time the season opens , but usually not. Right now, I am using an old, torn, nylon spinnaker as a leaf hauling bag. I can rake a huge amount of leaves into the slippery old sail. Then, I can easily drag it out of the yard and down the ski trails, dumping the leaves wherever there are rocks to cover. Just a little snowfall over the leaves and any rocks that could not be extricated, will all but disappear.

I have also been brush cutting, manually, using a classic weed cutter. My little backyard trail system is starting to shape up. I have been working on these trails for several years, cutting firewood and refining the loops as I prepare for winter.

This Website is also part of my winter preparations. I plan to work on it throughout the fall as I wait for the snow. Throughout the winter we will post the latest weekly ski trail reports and I will start building a complete collection of Door County ski trail maps. You can expect to see a calendar of Door County Winter activities like festivals and candlelight ski events.

The recent windstorm dropped so many old trees that there is an abundance of fuel. It’s just a matter of cutting and hauling. So, this may be the first winter in a long time that I will have all of my winter wood cut and stacked by the furnace before the first snowfall. For now, I will publish this first post as my opening entry in the new Website.

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