Door County Golf Course Fairways Best for Cross Country Skiing After 2-3″ of New Snow

Cross Country Ski Report for January 13, 2012

All of Door County received the first significant snowfall of the season this week, but not with the kind of depth that skiers are hoping for.

Light snow is currently falling in some areas and more light snow is in the forecast. None of the trails are in “good” condition yet, but any of Door County’s 11 golf courses are in excellent condition for anyone who wishes to get started now. With short-clipped grass and no rocks, the golf course fairways are perfect for beginning to get in shape for trail skiing later on. And then, there’s always the skating alternative:

Some of the local cross-country ski trail groomers have been out checking or working up the new snow and report the following Door County Ski Trail Conditions:

Crossroads at Big Creek Conditions:
Very limited trails available for skiing. The wind has cleaned off much of the snow and too much grass and gravel is now showing. I did roll the sheltered trail areas and they turned out nice. Need another 3″ to 4″ of snow.

Newport State Park Conditions:
2-3″ of new snow. Bare spots in open areas; conditions are not suitable for skiing just yet.

Peninsula State Park Conditions:
2″ of new snow. Lots of bare spots. Nothing is groomed yet.

Potawatomi State Park Conditions:
Groomed Friday morning. We have about 2″ packed base. Trials were rolled but no track set. No bare spots but grass is sticking up and the high spots on the trail are thin. Also rolled the road leading from the Red trail to the Fire Tower. This looks really good for skating and if it hardens up, it will be nice. There isn’t much moisture in the snow so the packing isn’t great – anyway it is SNOW!

Whitefish Dunes State Park Conditions:
New snow depth – Approx 3″ with moderate moisture content. The double-tracked portions of the Red trail were rolled Friday afternoon. Barely enough snow for the snowmobile and roller to “float” on the new snow. Rolled snow compacted down to approx 1″ of compressed snow, but not firm by any means. While there is nice looking ‘cord’ skiing is not recommended at this time, not even with rock skis. The rest of the trail system has been left alone until we get more snow.

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