Snow Reports for Door County and Wisconsin Look Grim

Pretty to look at, but not enough to ski on yet… and on Friday it disappears as temps warm to a high of 44 degrees.

I have been looking for information about Wisconsin’s snow cover, both current and over time. The weather report for the upcoming week has talk of rain on Wednesday. Ouch!

Here are some useful resources that you may wish to bookmark, especially if it ever snows.

January should be the snowiest month, typically bringing the state an average snowfall of 14″ according to State Climatology records, but this year something is missing.

Chart of Wisconsin's monthly snowfall normals from 1971-2000

Wisconsin's monthly snowfall normals from 1971-2000

I took my skis and poles out of the storage loft and got out my boots… ready to go, if we just get some snow.

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