Door County Cross Country Ski Report for February 2, 2013

Door County was blessed with about eight inches of snow across the peninsula on Thursday.

This means that all cross country ski areas are open for the first time in two years. The cold weather today is a blessing to set the snow as the ground was very wet from rain earlier in the week. This weekend should be an ideal time to go cross country skiing. Consider taking the Ski the Door Challenge: Can you ski all five ski areas in one weekend!

Cross-country skiing at Snowkraft in Door County - Caitlyn Jefferys and Jim Hinnenthal

At Snowkraft 2/2/2013 – Caitlyn Jefferys and Jim Hinnenthal skiing the orchard, training for the Birkie. Photo by Chesla Seely-Anschutz

Potawatomi State Park Conditions:
Trails groomed today for both skating and classic. There is a lot of water under the snow which made grooming very difficult. While we are forecast to have very cold temperatures tonight and tomorrow the current snow cover will act as an insulator and my not allow the underlying water to freeze. If it does freeze up the trails will be very nice. If it doesn’t freeze the trails may be slushy in spots. Currently the trail is snow covered but soft and in fair condition. (1/31/13 Ron Maloney)

Whitefish Dunes State Park Conditions:
Trail Conditions – fair to good. The 9+ inches of relatively dry snow was packed and track set on Thursday. The trails set up somewhat soft given the dryness of the snow, but should become firmer with the cold weather. The track set up at full depth, but the pole plant areas will probably be a little soft. There are a few areas where ponding water from the recent warm weather created areas of slush that has yet to freeze up. It is anticipated that once these areas freeze up they will be very icy so caution is advised until ‘repairs’ can be made. (1/31/13 Rich Dirks)

Crossroads at Big Creek Conditions:
Skied Crossroads trails at sunset and there is plenty of snow but it really needs some grooming. No traditional track and no washboard, but it is packed. (2/2/13 Editor)

We received over 7″ of snow at the Crossroads on Wednesday. Trails were rolled Thursday morning. The snow has a lot of moisture, therefore, it will need to freeze over the course of the day. Also encountered a few wet areas on the trail with standing water. Trails will be rolled for the final time Thursday evening. Over night they should set up very nicely. A track will be set Friday morning. Skiing should be very good Friday afternoon and throughout the weekend. (1/31/13 Jim Maki)

Peninsula State Park Conditions:
Everything at Peninsula is groomed including the skating. Everything is fair to good, most are good there are a few spots that should freeze over this evening. We received 6-7 inches. Peninsula Park can be included in Ski the Door this weekend. Our candle light ski is also a go and starts at 5:30 pm on Saturday. There will be a fire at the half way point to warm up at. (1/31/13 Greg Sunstrom)

Newport State Park Conditions:
8+ inches of fresh new snow has fallen! All trails are open for skiing and snowshoeing, but they are not yet groomed. The groomer hopes to get out Friday to get everything done.(1/31/13 Casey St Henry)

For more detailed information about trails and conditions, go to:

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