Door County Cross Country Ski Report for February 22, 2013

All of Door County received several more inches of snow in recent days and a few more inches are in the forecast.

trail grooming at Snowkraft Nordic

Thanks to the unsung heroes…

Fortunately the temperatures have stayed below freezing recently so the freeze-thaw cycle has stopped. Skiers should find all trails in great condition. Good luck to all headed to the Birkie this weekend! Groomers report the following conditions:

Potawatomi State Park  
Conditions:  Excellent condition. Potawatomi Park was groomed today. Skate & classic are both excellent. All trails are open and in good shape. Trails are in the best condition of the year. (2/19/13 Ron Maloney)

Whitefish Dunes State Park
Conditions: Very good. New snow fell on Thursday, February 14 adding five inches to the previous 5 inch base. Trails are open and were groomed on Friday, February 15. They are considered to be in good to excellent condition. Trails are groomed for classic skiing only. (2/15/13 Rich Dirks)

Crossroads at Big Creek
Conditions: Very good. Over 5″ of new snow. All trails were rolled on Tuesday afternoon. Trails will be rolled again on Wednesday morning as there was a lot of drifting in open areas over night. All trails will be tracked later Wednesday when the wind settles down. Skiing will be very good through the weekend. (2/20/13 Jim Maki)

Peninsula State Park
Good to very good. Everything out of lot 5 is groomed – Yellow, orange, red, blue, and green. On my second loop I notice that Bob was grooming the purple. His plans were to groom the purple and white, therefore the only part that might not be groomed is the black. With 4″ of new snow, the skiing should be good to very good. The only problem or deterrent is that there are a lot of branches bent over the trail. Anyone out there skiing could help by shaking a few branches as you pass by. (2/19/13 Greg Sunstrom)

Newport State Park
Good and will probably be better after tomorrow. Groomed Newport Thursday morning. It’s not great, but if we get a few inches Friday, I will get out that night and thoroughly groom everything. (2/22/13 Casey St Henry)

For more detailed information about trails and conditions, go to:

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