Door County Cross Country Ski and Snowshoe Trail Report for March 1, 2013

All of Door County received even more snow in recent days and we are now experiencing what January should have looked and felt like, as far as average temperature and snow depth.

In other words, ski conditions are excellent all over Door County and the weather is continually supporting the snow quality by remaining below freezing throughout the days. Continuing cold weather is predicted, with more snow expected in the immediate forecast. Now, is the time to ski Door County!

Somewhere in Paradise...

Somewhere in Paradise…

Groomers report the following conditions:

Potawatomi State Park:
Excellent condition. The trails were groomed this morning at Potawatomi  Park. The skate lanes were rolled and new
tracks set. Snow is soft, but the trails are in excellent condition. All trails are open and in great shape. (2/28/13 Ron Maloney)

Whitefish Dunes State Park:  
New snow fell on Wednesday, February 27, adding to the snow base. There is about 10 inches of snow in the park. Blowing snow may cause some drifting in open areas, but not enough to cover the tracks.  Cross-country ski trails were last groomed on Thursday, February 28 and are in excellent condition. The trails will be “fast” in the morning and “slower” in the afternoon due to longer daylight hours. Trails at Whitefish Dunes are groomed for classic skiing only. Hiking and snowshoe trails also exist. When ski trails are groomed for skiing, hikers and snowshoers must keep off the ski trails. The Black Trail and beach are open to hikers and snowshoers. There is no hiking or snowshoeing allowed on or next to any ski trail (Red, Yellow or Green trails). The Brachiopod trail does
not make a continuous loop during the ski season; those wishing to see the wetland are asked to return on the Black trail.  (2/28/13 Carolyn Rock)

Crossroads at Big Creek:  
Ski conditions are very good, with 5″ of new snow falling on Thursday and Friday. All trails were rolled on Friday afternoon. Track will be set on Saturday afternoon. Should be great skiing through the weekend. (2/23/13 Jim Maki)

Peninsula State Park:
Snow depth is about 8-12 inches in the park. Cross-country ski trails trails were groomed on Friday, March 1 and
are in very good to excellent condition. Snowshoe/hiking trails are in good condition. Please, remember that hiking and snowshoeing are not allowed on ski trails. (3/1/13 Peninsula Park Website)

Newport State Park:
Trails now have 4″ or more of fresh snow, from a few days ago. Trail was groomed today. (3/1). Trail is in good to excellent condition with quite a bit of small debris on the ground due to the extremely windy conditions. Tracks are surprisingly hard and fast. Despite the debris, the skiing is the best so far this year!  (3/1/13 Casey St Henry)

For more detailed information about trails and conditions, go to:

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