Remembering the Greatest Winter in a Long Time…

With global warming taking a toll on what was once the Door County “survival season,” the glorious winter of 2012-13 was a joy to all who love snow… but some locals found it hard to stomach.


Tom Parsons (pictured right) at Snowkraft Nordic deserves a public service award… for service above and beyond any skiers wildest imagination. Not only has he created an amazing terra-formed skier’s paradise where you simply will not find any off-cambered turns, he has meticulously groomed them up until the very last possible day of skiability… April 14, 2013.

I presented him with my offering of gratitude – the original 11- foot wooden skis that once graced the walls of Door County’s first ski-touring center, The Omnibus in Fish Creek. Now, they become a part of the Snowkraft legacy.

Fox 11 News reports on the Thursday, April 11 storm that dumped more snow and created numerous power outages: Christie Weber, a bartender at the Bayside Tavern in Fish Creek who tells reporters, “This is totally absurd. It’s usually a lot nicer. Frozen rain, April showers of snow, it makes people want to drink!”

Weber and her patrons say winter has out-stayed its welcome.

“It’s the whole topic of conversation… when is this going to end?” says Weber.

Though this nice snowball-making snow may be idyllic for Door County in January, it’s not doing the businesses any favors now that the calendar’s turned to April.

But we skiers loved every inch of new snow …and we can’t wait for its return!

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