Door County Cross Country Ski Trail Report for January 17, 2014

Cross country ski trails are open in all areas of the county.

Randal and Olivia Arnold

Randal and Olivia Arnold

Winter sports enthusiasts got their wish this week, lots more snow! The extensive snowfall on Tuesday all across Door County has had the groomers busy over the past couple of days getting the trails rolled and tracks set. Most of the trails are groomed by dedicated volunteers and we are very grateful to them for the incredible amount of work that it takes to get the trails in shape for joyful skiing. Thank you groomers all over the county!

Potawatomi State Park
The park received 8 inches of snowfall on January 14 and 1.5 inches on January 16. The entire trail system was rolled for skating and tracked for classical on January 14 and 15. The ski conditions for skating are soft and the classic trail has a firm track bottom with less firm track side walls, 2 to 3 inches deep. Current conditions rated fair to good skating. Good for classic. The skate lane is being rolled again on January 16. The classic track will be reevaluated this weekend and re-groomed if necessary after experiencing more traffic. (Gene Kastenson)

Crossroads at Big Creek
The Crossroads received over 6 inches of snow on Tuesday and it continues to snow on Tuesday evening. Trails will be groomed on Wednesday morning and a track will be set. The new snow will add significantly to our present base which is over 5 inches. With cooler temperatures, the conditions should be great. (Jim Maki)

Whitefish Dunes State Park
After rolling the 10 – 12 inches of new snow Wednesday, an additional 2 inches overnight was packed and new tracks were set on all trails. Once setup, the trails should be in excellent condition. There is the occasional twig here and there, but overall the trails are in great shape. There was considerable drifting around the Nature Center and it was smoothed out as best we could. But now, there is nearly a 2 foot base in some spots. The annual Whitefish Dunes Candlelight Ski is next Saturday, January 25. (Rich Dirks)

Peninsula State Park
As of Tuesday night it looks like we have at least 8 inches of snow with more to come. We will start grooming after it stops. We will have to roll everything first and then start grooming. We will groom yellow and orange loops first. We will probably have everything done by Wednesday night. I assume we will have the best conditions of the season with the exception of Kodanko field where drifting may be a problem. (Greg Sunstrom)

Newport State Park
Fortunately we received at least 6 inches of much needed new snow on Tuesday. Europe Bay Loop is groomed single track classic. Will groom Newport Loop on Saturday. (Dale Krolich)

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