Door County Cross Country Ski Report for January 24, 2014

What a year for cross-country skiing in Door County! All cross country ski trails are open in all areas of the county and just keep improving.

Eric Weidman at SNOWKRAFT Nordic.

Eric Weidman at SNOWKRAFT Nordic.

The recent snows have been dry and are sometimes hard to pack down when rolled by groomers, so it can be a bit slower to ski. However, the natural beauty of the snowfall on the trees and the new snow coverage over leaf debris where trails were getting thin makes up for this. It is cold, but if you dress in layers and maybe add toe warmers, you can get out to enjoy all the winter splendor Door County has to offer on cross country skis!

Potawatomi State Park
Very good overall.  Last snowfall was one inch on January 22. The skate lanes on all trails were last groomed on January 20. The diagonal stride track was last set on all trails on January 18. The skate deck has a firm base with 2 inches of loose powder with good smooth glide. The diagonal tracks are firm with good glide. They are least 2 inches deep with some some shallower and washed out areas. Skate and diagonal both rated good.  (Gene Kastenson)

Crossroads at Big Creek
Excellent.  All trails will be rolled and tracked on Friday morning January 24.  We received 2 inches of new snow over the last couple of days and therefore our base is very good. Skate lanes are great, but due to some blowing and drifting, the track continues to get filled. I will continue to improve trail conditions over the weekend.  Skiing will be excellent. (Jim Maki)

Whitefish Dunes State Park
Excellent. Trails at Whitefish Dunes State Park were groomed on Monday, January 20. Snow base is about 8 inches in most areas. The classic trails are deep and set up. No significant debris to interfere with skiing. The Black trail, out to the road, was rolled for hikers. Forecast very cold temperatures on Saturday led to the decision to postpone the Candlelight Ski event until Saturday, February 15 from 5-8 pm. The Friends group has a great plan for an enjoyable evening, so join us in mid-February. (John Swanson)

Peninsula State Park
Red, blue and purple loops were all re-groomed as of January 20 and 21 and are in very good condition. All other classic tracks (yellow, orange, green and white) were groomed on January 19 and are in good condition. After grooming we received another inch of snow and this was skied in but not re-groomed. Plan ahead to join us for our annual Candlelight Ski as part of the Fish Creek Winter Games on February 1. (Greg Sunstrom)

Newport State Park
Excellent. Newport and Europe Bay loops are all groomed for single track classic. Excellent conditions overall. (Dale Krolich)

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