Door County Cross Country Ski Report for February 13, 2014

We have just received new snow which will freshen up the ski trails! All cross country ski trails are open in all areas of the county and the weather forecast predicts warmer winter temperatures so, that means even more great skiing opportunities. Wax up those skis and get out there! If you have never skied before, this is the year to give it a try! You can even use ski and snowshoe equipment for free at Crossroads at Big Creek in Sturgeon Bay on Sunday afternoons.

Potawatomi State Park
The last snowfall was 3″ on Feb 12 and 13. All trails were last groomed for skating and tracked for diagonal stride on Feb 11. Although current conditions are skiable for both skating and diagonal stride, the diagonal stride track has been covered over in several areas by drifting snow. The snow has stopped falling, but the drifting continues. Contact the Potawatomi State Park Office for further updates based on planned future grooming for the weekend. (Gene Kastenson)

Crossroads at Big Creek
Crossroads received over 3” of snow on Thursday (Feb. 13). All trails will be rolled and groomed on Friday (Feb. 14). Track will be set. Conditions should remain excellent for all types of skiing with the new snow and cold nights. Bring your Valentine out for a Full Moon Ski on the 14th. (Jim Maki)

Whitefish Dunes State Park
Trail Conditions should be excellent following grooming and resetting track on Friday. The recdent 2″ of new snow will cover over woods debris and provide conditions for a near perfect track that is full depth and firm over a very hard base – making for an enjoyable experience for those who come for the Whitefish Dunes State Park annual Candlelight Ski under an almost full moon this Saturday, February, 15. (Rich Dirks)

Peninsula State Park
We plan to have everything groomed for the weekend. As of 10 pm on Thursday we have received about two” of new snow and it is still snowing. We anticipate that all trails will be in very good condition after grooming. (Greg Sunstrom)

Newport State Park
Very good overall. Two” of new snow on Thursday but not enough to regroom. Newport and Europe Bay loops single-track trails are in good shape. Some trail debris was starting to accumulate but should be covered by new snow.  (Dale Krolich)

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