Door County Gets Instant Skiing with More than a Foot of Snow

Tuesday, December 29, 2015 was unofficially dubbed the Day of the Snow Shovel!

After a mild Fall and a very not-white Christmas, everything changed over night. It didn’t seem like all that much, unless you were out driving on Monday evening.

“I live approximately 2.5 miles from my parents’ house. It took me 3.5 hours to get from their drive into my garage,” says one Sturgeon B&B owner at 1:42 am. “Stuck 3 times in the road. Towed by a neighbor. Pushed by 3 strangers.”


On Tuesday, many people never made it to work. We were out digging. For most of the morning, Alisa and I labored to clear a 10′ driveway and our city sidewalk. As we lifted and hauled the heavy custard-like snow, I found relief in knowing that we had just been gifted with the perfect base! By Wednesday, the 13″ had been plowed, rolled and groomed at many of the local trail networks. We started the New Year skiing at Crossroads at Big Creek and for the most part, it was surprising how good the trail conditions were. Yes, there are a few wind-blown bare spots and a few spots of icy crust in the wetlands, but that amounts to approximately 1% of the overall trails. Snowkraft is in excellent shape as well.

Today, I will try the trails in Potawatomi Park. Right now, I still don’t trust Winter after that unusually warm Fall and there is talk of rain possibly on Friday. So, ski now while the time and temps are just right!

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