Rain, Rain, Go Away!!!

All I can say is, I knew this was coming and I am glad I skied on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

It is 40 degrees. It is foggy. It is raining. We have been watching the snow melt all day and tomorrow will be more of the same. Skiing, for the moment, is kaput. But, those three days before it all vanished, provided a great taste of how good it feels to move like a skater on snow blades once again. For me, skating is a great way to exercise and flow through arm and shoulder movement in a swim-like action. It’s great to set off on a long straight and level track and just seek out that steady, graceful rhythm, letting muscles become attuned to the process, building strength in stages. For a few days, it was quite good. But for now, it rests as a memory. And, if the snow does not return, I will break out the running shoes again and take to the pavement.

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