Winter Redux, Snow Enough to Restore Skiing

An inch here, an inch there… cold, fine powder makes a nice filler for what remains of a great base.

We had a good deal of warming and melting last week but, with temperatures falling to the single digits and a light dusting of snow a few days ago, this fresh snowfall of an inch plus on Monday evening, will at least restore ski trails in Door County to an acceptable condition. These are the times that try trail groomers’ minds. It will take a bit of work to fill bare spots, but good trail conditions may result, now that we have a fresh batch of white to work with. This is wishful thinking… an educated guess. I will have a field report this evening after trial skiing here in Sturgeon Bay, but things look much better.

Friday and Saturday may bring more snow, with a large storm headed this way. It is still uncertain whether it will track over Door County or go below us and blanket Chicago or Milwaukee. Travel conditions are expected to be challenging.

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