Door County Gets Instant Skiing with More than a Foot of Snow

Tuesday, December 29, 2015 was unofficially dubbed the Day of the Snow Shovel! After a mild Fall and a very not-white Christmas, everything changed over night. It didn’t seem like all that much, unless you were out driving on Monday evening. “I live approximately 2.5 miles from my parents’ house. It took me 3.5 hours […] Read more »

Does the Ghost of Winters Past Predict this Winter’s Future?

“Are ye the ghosts of fallen leaves, O flakes of snow, For which, through naked trees, the winds a-mourning go?” ― John Banister Tabb It began in November with a sharp and sudden drop in temperatures. The waters of the Bay start to steam in response, rapidly giving up heat to the atmosphere. Quite soon thereafter, […] Read more »

Remembering the Greatest Winter in a Long Time…

With global warming taking a toll on what was once the Door County “survival season,” the glorious winter of 2012-13 was a joy to all who love snow… but some locals found it hard to stomach. Tom Parsons (pictured right) at Snowkraft Nordic deserves a public service award… for service above and beyond any skiers wildest imagination. […] Read more »

Snowkraft Nordic is Open! Trails are Groomed

Door County didn’t get the largest portion of the so-called blizzard, but Snokraft Nordic, just north of Sturgeon Bay is known for it’s fastidious grooming and ability to ski in minimal snow conditions. With 10K+ of superbly constructed and groomed cross-country ski trails, Snokraft Nordic may not be one of the largest trail systems in Door […] Read more »

Summer Heat…

With a drought and temperatures in the 90s, one can only wonder what the winter will bring. Last winter, 2011-12 was unusually mild and many snow events were cancelled. I checked my Farmer’s Almanac , but can’t find predictions for the winter ahead. Does anyone have any dependable way of really knowing? If you do […] Read more »

No Ski Report, Snow Predicted… but Warming to Follow

Snow conditions are quite bleak with warm temperatures eliminating most of the skiing opportunities in Door County. Door County Ski Trail Conditions are so poor that there was no ski report issued today. But, there is hope for a little break in the mild weather. An area of light snow is predicted to move over […] Read more »

Friends of Whitefish Dunes State Park Host Bake, Book Sale and Candlelight Ski, Jan 28

On Saturday, January 28 Whitefish Dunes State Park Naturalist Events include… 6– 9 pm Friends Bake & Book Sale Need a book for a cold winter’s day? A wide assortment of nature books will be on sale! Pick up some tasty treats. Choose one of each or a dozen. Sale for one day only, located […] Read more »

Snow and Colder Temperatures Predicted for Door County… at last!

Door County’s cross-country ski blues may be winding down with snow and colder weather in the forecast for the next few days. Several inches of snow is predicted to fall on Thursday and Thursday night in what’s expected to be the first significant snowfall of the winter season. Temperatures also will drop back down to […] Read more »